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The following is a list of the talented artists who participated in the 21st Annual Invitational Fine Artists Exhibit and Sale - INSPIRED09.

Feel free to contact the artists to learn more about their work.

Artist Media
Contact Info
Betty Kaufmann

Betty Kaufmann's excellent adventures began in 2004 when she took her first basket class in Sedona. She found herself inspired by what she learned and longing to create unique and colorful art pieces. Striking creative baskets were her first love, but explosive wall hangings she calls "vortexes" are now her passion!

Woven Fiber Art

Turquoise Tortoise Gallery
Pat Kaufmann

Pat Kaufmann's blended images are a unique combination of historical perspective, word play and humorous insight to remind us to keep life fun! They inspire us to think, "A-ha, I get it"... perhaps on many levels. And on good days, we may even be talking to ourselves... and smiling!

Gene Dieckhoner

Through his paintings, drawings and sculpture, Gene hopes to awaken an awareness of the world around us; to inspire an appreciation of the vastness of this great land; and revel in the serious and comic exploits of those creatures who share our planet.

Jack Durrwachier

Do you see what I see: Utilizing my extensive mechanical background to explore the possibilities and flexibilities of a universal form, the ellipse, I progress from one painting to the next, developing a communication, a language. Using the ellipse to express movement, flow, pressure and colour, I traverse though the painting with emotional freedom.

Barbara Ragalyi

One of my colleagues says my art "touches on the powerful, universal energy that connects man to spirit". It embodies the music, harmony, and mystery of the Universe, the underlying energy of our world, the music of being within all things, creating a peaceful, harmonious space wherein one can experience silence, still-point, and oneness with all.

Mixed Media
Jerry Buley

Award winning, published, photographer Jerry Buley, Ph.D. lives for the perfect picture, whether it is waiting for hours on the rocky beach at Puerto Penasco to catch the graceful lift off of a white heron, or getting up before the sun to catch its first glint from the red rocks of Sedona.

Barbara Vickers

In my art, it is not the object that is important. Rather, my point is to discover a different or unique manner of portraying or capturing the object. Bright colors and heavy contrasts are significant characteristics flowing through both my photography and jewelry.

Jeannette Tuscher

Always an artist at heart, she first created dreamcatchers and wildlife paintings before she let her creative imagination flow to other mediums like ceramics. In July of 2004, Jeannette was awarded First Prize in the ceramics category as an "Emerging Artist" in the annual Sedona Arts Center's Members Exhibition. All of her work is created in her home studio.

Mixed Media
Joan Roberts

Artist Joan Roberts creates each piece with thoughtful passion inspired by nature's glorious red rock country: Sedona, Arizona. Each item is completely individual, made with a variety of jewelry media and techniques: Fine Silver and Gold, BronzClay, Kumihimo and Kuem Boo.

Fine Art Jewelry
Shermane Frei

Shermane Frei has a passion for the color and grain of wood which she creates unique compositions. As a docent at an Archeological site, she developed a deep appreciation for the historic Indian potter and basketry design. This is reflected in the authentic images and patterns she applies to many of her bowls and platters.

Turned Wood

Kinion Fine Art
Nora Graf

I get my ideas from many sources, but nature is my primary inspiration. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques. Gourds lend themselves to many different media and techniques. It's always fun to experiment and try new things.

Gourd Art
Daniel Hochstein

My inspiration comes from my varied and colored life experiences. In my travels through life and the world, I have had the opportunity to meet fascinating individuals, and witness extraordinary scenes. I've experienced the drudgery and isolation that comes from the pursuit of the almighty dollar - occasionally at the cost of my soul. I have tortured myself, struggling to understand the pains, pleasures and inane processes of everyday existence. All of what I have lived through contributes to the creation of the work. I create in order to express my visions, frustrations and pleasures. Creating the work is an expression of an emotion that has no name... the art simply must be, and I am the vehicle for making it happen.

Mel Copen

I am fascinated by the "intricacies" and wonders of nature. At the macro level one sees large landscapes, shapes sculpted by wind and water, magnificent coloration, the beauty of the sky and the way different lighting transforms the same scene into totally different experiences. The micro level, often invisible to many people includes tiny flowers, parts of plants, insects and textures. I enjoy making them visible. I am equally intrigued by the accomplishments of man-particularly architecture from both today and the past.

Bev Copen

Photography provides a way to capture precious moments in everyday life, as well as views of different cultures around the world. Through my viewfinder I see the spirit of how people live, work and play. It provides a visual means to tell stories, and hopefully, to make a difference along the way, allowing for exhibits, photo books and educational materials.


As an artist and passionate advocate of art it is my goal to share my most intimate expressions with you. The world around us offers the most wonderful ideas, new dreams, and colors in an infinite canvas... acrylic is my medium and the vocabulary from my heart!

Abstracts Acrylics
Kaayla Fox

I create in order to know what is in my heart-to reveal the hidden treasures and appreciate the beauty. When I incorporate crop circle images, or use metal, gemstones, and glass beads, I feel my relationship to the Earth and all that is. This is my springboard for communication and connection with others.

Fine Jewelry
Jan Sitts

It is important to me to try to express unsuspected insights into the content of my work... using aggressive textures and unusual mediums. The ability to bring the various "raw" pieces and layers of materials into their final stages, within the whole of a painting... is 'accomplishment'... the exploration of materials is like discovering a new world.

Mixed Media

VC Gallery of Fine Art
Clyde "Ross" Morgan

Growing up on a farm left little time for play. My form of play was to draw, carve, or sculpt. This has remained the one constant throughout my life. Now I play all the time! Since bronze lasts forever, I try to sculpt things that have value to me and to future generations.

Chris Navarro

I love what I do for a living and hope others can see that through the work I have done. Because the most worthwhile thing in art is to see what's in someone else's heart.

Robert Albrecht

"I enjoy painting people! It is just that simple." As a respected portrait photographer for many years, Robert turned his attention to adding digital painting to his studio offerings. As a close kin to mixed media, his unique process mixes the technology of photography with traditional painting techniques and finishing it all off with Master Printmaking skills.

"My passion has always been to create works of art, either in photographic imagery or painted art pieces that become heirlooms for the families and owners."

"The portrait painting is a natural transition for me as I have total control over lighting, content and color rendition. To me, a painting represents an ultimate challenge and reward when you have created a work that has a lasting quality."

Digital Paintings

Commissioned Portraits
Jan Saunders

Making little gems of art, whether from Origami, calligraphy, or collage, brings me joy. To see some of that joy reflected back to me when a piece of my work brings a smile to someone's face, is a bonus.

Lorraine Fexas

I began my love of glass when I moved to Sedona in 1999, and that experience developed into my current avocation as a glass artist. Always seeking to experiment and diversify my art, I am currently designing fused glass plates, bowls, wall art, and other decorative and functional pieces, using the full range of art glass.

Fused Glass

Gallery 527
Philip Ponvert

My furniture designs honor a foundation of traditional woodworking, blended with my personal expressions that include subtle curves, proper proportions, and spectacular craftsmanship. I hope to invoke a response to an object, including visual, tactile and memory senses. My functional objects allow interaction between art, natural materials and humans, and in doing so, we test the physical and aesthetic durability of objects as well as the lasting quality of design and material allowing time and use to show us the true value of craftsmanship.

Madak Kadam

I use science and mathematics as a tool to build my sculptures right at the very edge of stability. Engineers avoid it in their designs - humans in their lives. The line of uncertainty is the stage I have chosen for my art. By abandoning my sculptures into this abyss of theoretical chaos they find their own language of movement: a dance of unpredictability, mysterious and by surprise, full of natural grace.

Water Glass
Metal Sculpture
Mary Dove

Mary Dove's passion is capturing moments in time, shared with the viewer to provide an experience remembered. As an artist, she loves telling a story in pictures by striking an emotional chord with the art enthusiast. Starting college as an architect major she discovered her voice as an illustrator. Diversification is a hallmark of her work which expresses a keen photographic expressionistic style.

Gretchen Lopez

Gretchen integrates convincing structure with looser, more atmospheric qualities to create portraits that evoke both feeling and strength.

Dennis Ott

Clay is my window that allows me to see the creativity that is within me. I'll start with an idea and make changes along the way as new possibilities occur. The end result is a captured moment of spontaneous creativity, with clay being the catalyst. Each piece represents its own moment and, therefore, is one of a kind.

Shirley Eichten Albrecht

Each piece that I weave becomes a journey. They have their own voice that speaks to me. It is up to me to listen.

Fiber Art
Mixed Media
Betty Carr

Energetic, brightly colored watercolor still lifes are the signature work of this artist who is known for her skillful use of light, color and shadow in her floral paintings.


Mountain Trails Galleries
James Latham

James Latham is a long time woodworker whose main emphasis is wood turning. He uses only native wood found in the wild with mesquite being the wood of choice. He prefers to turn small pieces as opposed to large because more detail can be achieved. All pieces are finished in their natural color with no extra embellishments to distract from the natural beauty of the wood.

Wood Turner
Mariann Leahy

With ancient myths and symbols as inspiration, Leahy creates stories within each piece. "Because the glazes you paint with aren't the colors they end up when fired I have to see a finished piece in my mind as I paint, to position the right colors and shapes," she explains. Leahy's unique skill is in the 'shading' she achieves by positioning in a specific area just the right sized shape of just the right tone of color.

Clay Art

Turquoise Tortoise Gallery
James Muir

"Allegorical Art" is a term James Muir uses to describe his work, which is filled with symbolic meaning to bridge the centuries of history to make contemporary statements about the human condition exemplifying mankind's highest qualities. Muir's art has touched the souls of untold numbers of art enthusiasts and admirers over the past three decades. Since the beginning of Muir's career which began in Sedona, there are over 20 life-size and monumental sculptures in public locations in Arizona, with over 60 throughout the country and still counting...


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